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The whole of humanity has been wringing (and disinfecting) their hands over the latest grim coronavirus news. But instead, try seeing how much we can mobilise in times of turmoil as a form of relief! 

Our world is changing – fast. Whilst we ride out the storm in the best ways that we can, there’s amazing opportunity for imagination, hope and optimism. 

World-Wide -Words was launched in the first week of lockdown in Denmark, in March 2020. We aim to create a publication every three weeks with contributing articles from writers, artists, poets, free-thinkers, yogis, philosophers and scientists from every corner of the world.

 “I should probably be worried. Maybe even fearful about what the future holds. But I’m not.  It takes a breakdown for something new to emerge, and this is the time of new potential. This is the time for a redesign of broken systems. Of loosening our grip, and to mindfully use this time of collective stillness to stare deeply into the future, asking ourselves what matters most.”

Heather Gartside – Editor in Chief of WWW

Heather Gartside