Relaxation Yoga – neck and shoulders

This is the perfect time to take a deep breath and do some stretching. Yes, that means you, right now!

Move your shoulders around a little. Turn your head from side to side a few times and think of sweet nothing. Effectively turn yourself off for fifteen minutes, then come back rebooted, refreshed and with those knots of tension and anxiety somewhat eased. Elena Boriani has offered us a sequence of nine gentle poses for the neck and shoulders. These can be begun right now as you stoop over your smartphone or laptop, just stand up and, if you can – face the sun.

Here’s the instructions, the PDF is easiest to read

Elena Boriani is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, originally from Italy but now living in Denmark with her Danish partner and three small children. Her main interest is in the body and wellbeing of the mind, connecting yoga studies with her job as an independent researcher in toxicology, human health, gender equality and sustainability.

Published by Heather Gartside

Storyteller and photographer based in Denmark

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