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Introducing World-Wide-Words Magazine


Happy International Day of Living in Peace Together 2020!

“On our small but beautiful Earth, made small by technology, made beautiful by nature, there is room for one group only: the family of humankind.”

A pure, strong and loving message from Nobel Peace Prize laureate, John Scales Avery to mark this special day.

World-Wide-Words (the musical)

To say that I was proud of the latest edition of WWW is an understatement. SOUND ON! Here’s the musical version. You can see 5 more conventional magazine versions here.

International day of Living Together in Peace

Everyone of all ages is invited to create, photograph, and submit a piece of art or craft with the theme of global peace. Submissions are open now until the 16th of May 2020, and should be sent in a message to the Instagram user @world.wide.words. Please include a title for the piece, the media used, a short description, your full name, age, and location. All entries will be featured on the Instagram page, and the exceptional ones in

The Unsung Heroes

An emotional pandemic is sweeping the world. Millions face financial insecurity, billions are forced into isolation, and everyone must grapple with the feeling that we are physically vulnerable and attached to life by a single silken thread.

The Times They Are a-Changin

Fight or flight?
However logical and grounded you are, until you face an unprecedented moment in your life you really have no idea how surreal and illogical everything feels. In the third edition of World-Wide-Words, Claire Smith reflects on her flight, her fright, and her fight to find acceptance of change

A Good View

One of our articles in our 3rd edition of WWW is by Mia Kali Thea, a US-based non-profit organization founded by photographer Melinda Graper.

Welcome Note from the Editor-in-Chief

In the pages of this new publication you’ll find a team of contributing writers, poets, artists, scientists and free-thinkers who will strive to deliver this new landscape to you. We won’t return to life as we knew it in the post COVID- 19 world, so let’s seize the day and bring about a better future for all living things in this delicate planet of ours.

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